Our Services


Metal Braces

These are the more traditional braces that our teenage patients love since they get to have different colours at every appointment. We use a modern design and smaller braces which makes them more comfortable than old fashioned larger braces.


clear braces


For adult patients wanting a more aesthetic option, we use ceramic braces which offer the best compromise between the efficiency of metal braces and the aesthetics of aligners. When used in combination with our white wires, these braces are markedly more discreet than traditional metal braces.



For patients who want an even more discreet option, we also offer Invisalign. These aligners are worn full time and changed every two weeks, with each aligner making small changes all the way through treatment. The aligners act the same way that braces would, however, also offer the advantage of being able to be removed for eating and cleaning.


Hidden braces

For those patients who are wanting the ultimately discreet treatment option, we offer lingual braces. These are customised braces, glued to the inside of the teeth. As for all treatment options, a full examination is required to establish the best treatment method for your mouth and teeth.